Licensed and Insured Demolition Contractors Sunshine Coast

    Our demolition contractors work across the entire Sunny Coast! We do it all, residential, commercial and asbestos removal. Our team are fully licensed and insured to help with any requirement large or small.

    As registered builders, we can also handle your future renovation and building work post-demolition!










    Residential Demolition

    Demolition contractors typically use heavy equipment for residential demolition like jackhammers to demolish old houses, which can damage your property and cause dust pollution in the air for miles around. This is why we started Dustless Demolition in Sunshine Coast QLD areas including Noosa, Caloundra, Buderim, and Maroochydore – we believe that there should be a better way of doing things while keeping both our customers happy and the environment clean.

    Dust free tile removal

    Environmentally Friendly Demolition Services

    We are proud to offer affordable, environmentally friendly services for demolishing kitchens, bathrooms, and homes with no mess or hassle left behind! Our crew will remove all debris from your house using only hand tools so that nothing but good memories remain after our work is done!

    Our experienced demolition contractors are skilled at taking down structures using our state-of-the-art technology. This means no more dust, no noise pollution, and minimal clean-up for you!

    Innovative Equipment

    Our demolition tools make the job faster, easier, and cleaner than ever before. You don’t need to deal with dusty messes or workers covered in dirt. We offer innovative products that will revolutionize your demolition project.

    Moreover, our demo tools allow you to remove drywall without tearing down the wallboard behind it, saving time and money on every job we do! We also have special equipment that can be used for removing asbestos from buildings safely and easily. These demos tools save both time and money by making your projects more efficient than they’ve ever been before!


    No Noise Pollution & No Dust/ Mess

    Demolition is a dirty, messy job. It’s loud and disruptive to the community. However, our demolition company services in Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia are different because we use a dustless method of removing debris from your property.  Dustless demolition of homes and commercial buildings reduces noise pollution by 80% and eliminates airborne particulates that can make people sick or even cause cancer. This innovative process also saves you money on clean-up costs since there’s no need to hire outside contractors to haul away debris from your site after we’re done with it!


    Asbestos Removal


    Non-Toxic Material

    Asbestos removal and demolition is a hard work that takes months to complete as the workers have to take every precaution possible to avoid breathing in any of those dangerous fibres. However, Dustless Demolition has created a new technology for removing asbestos from homes and other structures without creating a cloud of dust that can be inhaled by the workers or spread through the air into nearby neighbourhoods. The process uses water pressure alone, along with special equipment, to remove all traces of this toxic material from your home or business quickly and efficiently so you can move on with your life as soon as possible after the construction process.

    In addition, we are able to salvage 100% of materials from your building by using our dustless methods of asbestos removal and demolition. This means less mess for you! With no clean-up required after we’re done, it saves time on top of money too!


    Extensive Safety Measures

    The problem is that if the building isn’t demolished correctly it could collapse on people or neighbouring buildings. If this happens to your neighbouring business then they will sue you for damages and legal fees.

    However, Dustless Demolition helps small and large businesses by demolishing their own old office spaces without having to worry about safety measures or getting sued for damages after the fact. Our software helps contractors plan out their demolition projects ahead of time which makes sure everything gets done safely and efficiently so everyone involved comes out happy at the end!

    Furthermore, we use advanced techniques like water blasting and air scrubbing to reduce demolition waste by 90% while also reducing your environmental impact. Our services are fast, affordable, and safe for both people and the planet.


    Affordable Rates

    Dustless Demolition offers an affordable way to remove all traces of asbestos while saving you thousands in labour costs compared to traditional removal methods. With our system, we can remove up to 4 times as much material per hour than with conventional methods and we don’t leave any messy residue behind for you to clean up after us! You also get free disposal, which saves money over hiring your own dumpster truck!


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    How much does it cost to demolish a house?

    The cost of demolishing a house could be around $12,000 – 30,000. Furthermore, a standard home to be demolished will cost close to $16,000.

    How much does it cost to demolish a bathroom?

    The average total cost to demolish a bathroom can potentially be up to $5,000 depending on the work requirement and size of a bathroom.

    How are demolition jobs priced?

    The average cost of a demolition project is approximately $75 per hour. Moreover, if the job is minor, the price can go for as low as 50$/hr, on the other hand, if the job is to be done on a large property or industrial-sized building, then the price can go as high as $90/hr.